Duane Garman

Vice President of Sales

“There is a huge sense of pride the employees have when they see what they have accomplished. In my 26 years in the industry, I’ve never witnessed or been a part of a more determined and dedicated group of good people that share such a passion for a company.”

Previous Experience:

26 years of experience and industry knowledge in fuel sales, Business Operations growth and development. Managed over 450 million gallons a year of motor fuels and 10 million gallons a year of diesel exhaust fluid.


Duane’s industry experience spans across many aspects of the petroleum business, from truck dispatch, sales, contract negotiation, supply chain management, index pricing, risk management, to procurement bulk purchasing and pricing. This has enabled him to successfully lead several teams of motivated personnel at Santmyer Companies, Inc.

Responsibilities at Santmyer:

All Aspects of Business Growth and profitability For Santmyer Companies, Inc.


Akron University – Business Administration

Years with Santmyer:


Years of Industry Experience:


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