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Fuel Delivery That’s On Time Every Time.

The right transportation partner can make all the difference. Santmyer Logistics is dedicated to on-demand delivery of petroleum products and exceptional service that makes it seamless and hassle-free.

Our Logistic Services

Santmyer Logistics is the industry-leading fuel transporter in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. Our sophisticated dispatch systems and strategically placed supply sites allow us to get fuel to you fast at the most competitive price.

  • 24/7 ServiceSantmyer is always available to meet your fuel transportation needs, whether it’s for a standing order, a special situation, or a time-sensitive emergency.
  • Environmental ComplianceWe are certified to conduct BUSTR mandated UST A/B certification classes that comply with the new 2017 standards.
  • Santmyer Logistics TeamA team of in-house experts use the latest in transportation technology to create proprietary dispatching solutions that other companies simply cannot match.
  • Price Monitoring and SourcingSantmyer wholesales fuel in addition to transporting it, so we actively watch market conditions to stay ahead of volatility and price fluctuation.
  • Inventory ManagementReal-time wireless tank monitoring, order forecasting, and automatic fulfillment options simplify ordering so you’ll never run out of fuel.
  • Same-Day InvoicingWe offer seamless, hassle-free delivery, complete with a receipt listing all fuel and non-fuel assets.
  • A Culture of SafetyWe never take shortcuts when it comes to safety. Our drivers undergo Smith System driver training, the best safety training available, and receive ongoing coaching. And our trucks are equipped with high-tech drive cams, blind-spot monitors, trailer roll stability, and collision-avoidance systems.

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Products Available for Transport

Santmyer provides wholesale and branded fuels, lubricants, commercial fuel management, and the widest selection of petroleum products in the area.

  • NL87 Ethanol
  • NL89 Ethanol
  • NL93 Ethanol
  • Non-Ethanol Recreational 90
  • Race Fuels
  • On-Road Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Advanced On-Road Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Off-Road Diesel
  • Advanced Off-Road Diesel
  • Heating Oil #1 (Premium)
  • Heating Oil #2 (Premium)
  • Kerosene
  • Propane

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Why Choose Santmyer Logistics?

When you partner with Santmyer, you get on-demand fuel at the right price. And your business benefits from high-tech solutions backed by real people who want to help.

  • Professional, courteous drivers
  • Safety-minded culture
  • Order forecasting
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Online account access

I would recommend Santmyer because we are saving space and reducing cost. I would recommend them to other businesses as they have been great to work with.

Jeff Trucking Company

With their help, we have been able to greatly improve our oil sampling program and we have been able to install bulk products.

Jeff Trucking Company

Working with Santmyer has been a great partnership for us, as they have great pricing, products and customer service.

Jeff Trucking Company

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