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Products for Performance Enhancement and End-To-End Protection

Santmyer offers a portfolio of products to meet the industry demands of various applications and conditions. Depend on Santmyer to keep you moving with the right products for enhanced performance and engine wear protection.

  • Coolants & Antifreezes

    Coolants & Antifreezes

    Effective coolants are vital in maintaining cooling systems and extending the life of your equipment. Prioritize coolant system maintenance and protect your engines from extreme temperatures and corrosion with antifreeze and coolants from Santmyer.

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  • Engine Oils

    Engine Oils

    Engine oils that protect moving parts, reduce friction, increase fuel economy, and extend the life of your engine. Choose the right engine oil from Santmyer for performance enhancement and engine wear protection.

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  • Fuel Additives

    Fuel Additives

    Santmyer fuel additives improve engine performance and prevent and fix fuel system issues by removing harmful sludge and carbon deposits. Maximize your fuel efficiency and restore horsepower with fuel additives from Santmyer.

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  • Greases


    Machinery demands specific lubricant viscosities for specific applications. Choose the right premium greases from Santmyer for various applications and conditions to ensure machine reliability and to extend the life of your equipment.

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  • Hydraulic Oils

    Hydraulic Oils

    Simplify maintenance and reduce expensive downtime by choosing the right hydraulic oil to power your machinery and equipment. Santmyer offers a variety of oils formulated to meet the demands of today’s hydraulic systems even when subjected to harsh conditions.

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  • Petroleum Equipment & Parts

    Petroleum Equipment & Parts

    Petroleum equipment, hardware, and parts. Santmyer offers quality brands you can trust.

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  • Transmission/Gear Oils

    Transmission/Gear Oils

    High-performance transmission fluids and gear oils for on and off-road vehicles and equipment. Depend on Santmyer to keep your moving parts cool and avoid premature wear and failure.

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Working with Santmyer has been a great partnership for us, as they have great pricing, products and customer service.

Jeff Trucking Company

With their help, we have been able to greatly improve our oil sampling program and we have been able to install bulk products.

Jeff Trucking Company

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