Diesel Fuel Additives

Year-Round Protection for Your Vehicles, Your Equipment, and Your Customers

Whether you manage a fleet of trucks, supervise a construction site, or own a gas station, you need diesel fuel that works hard to power and protect your vehicles and equipment. Look to Santmyer for diesel additives that make a difference.

Our Diesel Fuel Additives

Fuel is always changing, and Santmyer’s team works every day to keep our diesel far ahead of the curve to protect and maintain your vehicles and equipment. We deliver high-quality on-road and off-road diesel fuels that offer plenty of benefits:

  • Santmyer Advanced Diesel with SynShieldTMOur top-of-the-line diesel contains SynShield, a hardworking additive that gives your vehicles more power and more mpg as it lowers emissions.
  • Superior PerformanceAdvanced diesel additives mean better mileage, more horsepower, increased cetane, reduced emissions, improved fuel lubricity, clean injectors, corrosion prevention, and moisture control.
  • 2010 EPA Standards and BeyondSantmyer stays up to date on federal diesel regulations and tank requirements to keep your vehicles – and your business – in compliance. And we maintain detailed records so we can generate reports for you anytime.
  • Fuel AnalysisOur rigorous fuel tank analysis detects sludge, water, microorganisms, and other contaminants before they become a problem.
  • Home and Farm DeliveryWe deliver high-quality diesel throughout the region that offers top performance even when subjected to the most frigid and punishing conditions.

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Our On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuels


Santmyer delivers high-performance diesel fuel throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan.

  • On-Road Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Advanced On-Road Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Off-Road Diesel
  • Advanced Off-Road Diesel

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Why Choose Santmyer Energy?

When you partner with Santmyer, you get on-demand fuel at the right price. And your business benefits from high-tech solutions backed by real people who want to help.

  • Local service and fast response
  • Online account access
  • New tanks and supplies
  • Online and mobile payments
  • Safe, experienced drivers

I would recommend Santmyer because we are saving space and reducing cost. I would recommend them to other businesses as they have been great to work with.

Jeff Trucking Company

With their help, we have been able to greatly improve our oil sampling program and we have been able to install bulk products.

Jeff Trucking Company

Working with Santmyer has been a great partnership for us, as they have great pricing, products and customer service.

Jeff Trucking Company

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