Advanced Lubricants

Delivery of Advanced Lubricants for Peak Performance

Only the best advanced lubricants can keep your fleet, heavy equipment, and other expensive machinery running smoothly. Santmyer delivers everything you need directly to your farm or business, and our wireless tank monitors make sure you never run out.

Our Industrial Lubricant Services

Santmyer delivers a wide range of Chevron and other advanced lubricants to fleet owners, facility managers, and any place that has machines with moving parts, including farms, construction sites, mines, and industrial operations.

  • On-Time, Hassle-Free DeliverySantmyer offers professional on-time delivery of advanced lubricants.
  • One-Stop SourceOur wide selection of lubricants makes it easy to order everything you need from one source. Need something special? We’ll track it down for you.
  • Chevron DistributionSantmyer is a leading 1st Source distributor for Chevron advanced lubricants, the best in the business.
  • Inventory ManagementReal-time wireless tank monitoring, forecasting, and automatic fulfillment options simplify ordering so you’ll never run out of lubricants.
  • Oil AnalysisOur rigorous analysis detects sludge, oxidation, and other contaminants before they become a problem. This helps prevent catastrophic failures, extend oil drain intervals, increase equipment resale value, and provide backup for any warranty claims.
  • Equipment and InstallationNeed a tank to store oil or other lubricants? Purchase or lease tanks from us at a competitive price, and we’ll make sure everything is installed correctly.
  • Lubricant ExpertiseWith a lubricant analyst and a Certified Lubrication Specialist on staff, we’ve got the expertise to determine the best lubricants and maintenance plan for your trucks and equipment.
  • Environmental ComplianceSantmyer stays up to date on the latest regulations to keep your tanks – and your business – in compliance. And we maintain detailed records so we can generate reports for you anytime.

Concerned about one of your machines? Need to run something by an expert? Find out if a more advanced product can fix the problem.

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We Carry Chevron Lubricants and Other Products

The right lubricant reduces friction, enhances motion, and keeps contaminants from causing problems. Santmyer offers a wide selection of Chevron and other top-performing industrial lubricants. If you need a gallon of motor oil or enough grease for a month of production, trust Santmyer to deliver the best products to you on time.

  • Additives
  • Gas Engine Oils (PCMO – Passenger Car Motor Oil)
  • Diesel Heavy Duty Motor Oils (HDMO)
  • Transmission Lubricants
  • Gear Oils
  • Grease
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Transformer Oils
  • Turbine Oils
  • Antifreeze
  • Coolants

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Why Choose Santmyer Energy?

When you partner with Santmyer, you get on-demand fuel at the right price. And your business benefits from high-tech solutions backed by real people who want to help.

  • Local service and fast response
  • Online account access
  • New tanks and supplies
  • Online and mobile payments
  • Safe, experienced drivers

I would recommend Santmyer because we are saving space and reducing cost. I would recommend them to other businesses as they have been great to work with.

Jeff Trucking Company

With their help, we have been able to greatly improve our oil sampling program and we have been able to install bulk products.

Jeff Trucking Company

Working with Santmyer has been a great partnership for us, as they have great pricing, products and customer service.

Jeff Trucking Company

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