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Chevron Havoline® PRO-DS® Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a premium full synthetic oil with Deposit Shield® Technology, combined with a proprietary cleaning booster, designed to provide ultimate protection that prolongs the peak performance and efficiency of your engine, particularly under harsh stop-and-go driving conditions, extreme temperatures and heavy loads. Outstanding protection for vehicles with direct-injection and turbochargers and those that require a full synthetic motor oil. Exceeds the latest and most demanding industry and automaker standards.

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  • Unparalleled turbocharger cleanliness protection
  • Preserves fuel economy up to 50% better than GM's tough Dexos1 Gen2 standards
  • Reduces piston deposits
  • Sludge control up to 25% better than GF-6 limits
  • Unsurpassed control in fighting temperature-related oil breakdown and oil thickening up to 76% better than GF-6 limits
  • Reduces friction-related wear of critical engine parts up to 25% better than industry GF-6 limits
  • Superior corrosive wear protection of key engine parts up to 64% better than GF-6 limits
Brand Name Part # Size Price Quantity
Havoline HV530PDSFS/6/1QT 6 - 1 QUART BOTTLES $54.90
Havoline HV530PDSFS/55GAL 55 GALLON DRUM Request a Quote
Havoline HV530PDSFS/GALLONS BULK GALLONS Request a Quote

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