Schaeffer's Logo Schaeffer’s 137ULSD Diesel Treat 2000

Upgrades diesel #2 to premium diesel; meets DW-10 detergency specifications, and contains less than 15PPM sulfur. Winter blend.


  • Protects against fuel gelling, waxing and fuel line freezing.
  • Improves fuel’s cetane rating 2 to 4 points.
  • Anti-wear protection throughout fuel system.
  • Eliminates black filter deposits.
  • Reduces emissions, exhaust smoke and particulates.
  • Restores and optimizes horsepower.
  • Easier cold weather starting and faster warm up.
  • Protects fuel system against rust and corrosion.
  • Improves fuels economy.


Brand Name Part # Size
Schaeffer S137ULSW/4/1GAL 1GAL JUG
Schaeffer S137ULSW/24/1PT 1PT BOTTLES

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